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Working Toward a Brighter Future

The Nancy Green Project honors the legacy of Nancy Green, America's first living trademark.  She was the Original "Aunt Jemima" and became known as the "Pancake Queen" after selling 50,000 boxes of pancake mix at the 1893 World's Columbian Fair in Chicago.  Our organization honors the culinary icon and spokesperson by creating a scholarship in her name.  The Nancy Green Leadership scholarship promotes diversity, provides options and instills perseverance in recipients, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend college.  

A Distinct Identity

Here at, we are driven to do our part in providing educational opportunities to young adults. Since 2022, we have taken part in a wide range of fundraising activities to create a long lasting mark, in honor of Nancy Green.  We strive to create unity, in hopes that our commitment and hard work will make a positive impact on the future of this country.  The imprint that Nancy Green made on America must not be forgotten.  We keep her legacy alive through the Nancy Green Leadership Scholarship.  She was so much more than pancakes.

Who is Nancy Green and why do we eat pancakes to
celebrate her?

Nancy Green was born into slavery on March 4, 1834 in Montgomery County. As an adult, she moved to Chicago with a local family to help raise their two small children. Nancy was a nurse, chef, caregiver and quite the pancake maker! She became known in the community for her delicious pancakes, and in 1890, was hired by R.T. Davis Mill Company to sell their pancake mix. She was the first spokesperson and model in America to portray the "Aunt Jemima" character. Nancy was proclaimed the "Pancake Queen" after selling more than 50,000 boxes of pancake mix at the 1893 World's Columbian Fair in Chicago. Thomas Edison, you know the great electrician who invented the light bulb? He was found at that world's fair sitting by himself, quietly enjoying her pancakes. Nancy Green, the original "Aunt Jemima" and America's first living trademark was famous!

Pretty cool that the original "Aunt Jemima" was born and raised right here in Montgomery County, Kentucky! Nancy Green became known all over the world as the "Pancake Queen". She was a culinary icon, nurse, activist and missionary who worked with the impoverished youth in Chicago until her death on August 30, 1923. She spent her life serving others and today we are celebrating and remembering her for her extraordinary accomplishments. 

Will you be Montgomery County's next Nancy Green?

The Second Annual Nancy Green Pancake Queen Spring Festival
The Second Annual Nancy Green Pancake Queen Spring Festival
Apr 20, 2024, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Courthouse Square,
Mt Sterling, KY 40353, USA
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